Our Solutions

SUNRx’s virtual inventory technology is a fully automated system that manages the flow of inventory, information and payments between community health organizations, pharmacies, wholesalers, and third-party payors. SUNRx automates reporting and auditing requirements, reduces paperwork and ensures that safety net organizations and patients pay the lowest price for medications.

In 5 easy steps, we can design and implement a solution that removes the headaches and risks associated with 340B for your organization:

Step 1.

Customized Plan Design: Your dedicated SUNRx team will visit your health center, interview your staff, review your processes, and design a plan that meets your needs. Our hands-on approach sets us apart from the “off-the-shelf” solutions offered by other 340B vendors.

Step 2.

Pharmacy Partners: SUNRx’s virtual inventory system eliminates the need for a separate 340B stock. Medications are tracked, ordered and invoiced to maintain cash flow and reduce paperwork in in-house and contract pharmacy locations.

When a patient visits a participating pharmacy, SUNRx scans all available programs and pricing – including 340B, retail and others – and processes the prescription using the approach that is the least expensive to the community health organization and the patient.

Step 3.

Patient Drug Cards: Patients participating in a 340B program administered by SUNRx present a prescription drug card and pick up their medications just like customers using commercial insurance. This ensures only eligible patients receive 340B medications.

Step 4.

Going Live: Our team will be on site when your program is launched, and we monitor the program to ensure it is meeting your needs. SUNRx also offers a marketing toolkit -- customized for your organization -- to educate patients about your new 340B program.

Step 5.

Ongoing Support: Our work does not stop when your 340B program is up and running. A partnership with SUNRx ensures that your 340B program continues to be simple, cost effective and worry free.

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