Complete 340B Solution

Our complete 340B solution when set up in partnership with our clients, helps to ensure that the 340B program is administered in accordance with regulations.
Complete 340B Solution Puzzle

Our approach includes:

  • A single point of contact for all 340B administrative services
  • A “best-in-market” flexible approach versus inflexible “one-size-fits-all” solutions
  • Promotes 340B compliance through a real-time Covered Entity IT patient eligibility interface
  • Provides real-time functionality to support sliding scale/subsidy programs in collaboration with a 340B prescription discount card solution for uninsured patients — offering a compliant, safe and a non-disruptive, "lowest cost" solution

With our automated system, you can:

  • Safeguard against drug diversion
  • Help prevent duplicate discounts by blocking Medicaid claims*
  • Receive financial benefit and savings by purchasing medications at lower 340B prices
  • Pass-along discounts to low-income/uninsured patients

Compliance is part of everything we do!

We have in-depth experience with audits, and work directly with auditors, providing reports, and clients in preparation of and during audit. SUNRx is dedicated to high-quality 340B compliance. SUNRx’s regulatory updates help entities keep abreast of regulatory changes, and our regulatory consultation helps entities to provide the necessary program oversight by preparing for regulatory audits and inspections, which helps to minimize regulatory risk. Our 340B technology maximizes compliance by thoroughly verifying patient and prescriber before a claim is determined to be 340B eligible. We do this through a direct eligibility interface with the entity’s electronic medical record.

340B Split-Billing Solutions
340B Contract Pharmacy Network
340B Uninsured Discount Prescription Card
PO Optimization
Invoice Analysis
Audit Assistance

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