340B for Hospitals

Our industry leading compliant solution, which is endorsed exclusively by state hospital associations, meets the needs of hospitals nationwide.
Family at the hospital pharmacy

The SUNRx program takes into consideration the unique nature of rural and urban communities, and manages the special requirements of different provider relationships, service areas and facility demographics, etc., while focusing on the hospital's mission of serving their low-income/uninsured population.

Provide Special Prescription Discount Programs for Uninsured

The SUNRx 340B unique proprietary program leverages 340B and other industry prices to offer the patient the lowest price on prescription drugs.

Generate Resources to Serve the Uninsured

We help hospitals maximize 340B purchasing to generate the resources to further their mission of better, more cost-effective services for their uninsured and underserved patients. 340B is helpful in improving patient care, compliance and reducing ER readmissions.

Implement Seamless Contract Pharmacy Networks

We implement contract pharmacy networks – including retail, specialty and mail order pharmacies – that are convenient and cost effective for hospitals and their low-income patients.

Promote 340B Compliance

Many hospitals unknowingly divert drugs to ineligible patients every day, putting their 340B eligibility at risk. SUNRx removes the headaches – and risks – associated with 340B, and helps hospitals safeguard against diversion and Medicaid duplicate discounts.

Implement SUNRx Technology

Our fully automated solution manages eligibility, enrollment, formulary, Medicaid and other functions. With industry-leading tracking, reporting and financial management features, hospital administrators are empowered with up-to-the-minute information about their 340B program and savings.

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