340B Advantages to Pharmacies

By participating in 340B, pharmacies can work closely with local safety net providers, generate foot traffic and build customer loyalty.
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SUNRx has designed its program to enable pharmacies to serve 340B customers efficiently:

  • Pharmacies can dispense medications from their regular stock. No separate inventory is required.
  • Claims for cash patients are adjudicated in real time.
  • “Lowest cost” calculations are performed at the point of sale.
  • 340B patients are handled by the pharmacy like customers with third-party coverage.

7 Helpful Tips for Contract Pharmacies

  1. Log in to the Virtual Inventory system daily to keep track of 340B replenishments.
  2. Remember to pay your MedImpact invoice on time. Late payments can delay replenishments.
  3. Run the “Claims Detail Report – Rx View” when you receive your invoice from MedImpact to ensure all claims are associated with the correct cycle.
  4. Remember, you will be receiving replenishments for all 340B claims, including cash (live transaction) and third-party/commercial insurance (retrospective claim capture).
  5. Check to see which 340B medications are scheduled to be replenished before ordering medication for your WAC inventory. This can help prevent inventory swell.
  6. If you return 340B medications to the wholesaler, please notify your SUNRx Account Manager. This will help keep your inventory tables accurate.
  7. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or request additional training.

The 340B Pharmacy Academy®

We offer monthly webinars to answer questions and provide information on cash flow, regulatory compliance, inventory management, accounting and financial reporting for 340B programs. The academy helps pharmacies ensure participating in 340B is hassle-free and profitable.
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