340B Services for Pharmacies

SUNRx enables you to grow your business, support community health organizations and help families in your community afford the medications they need.

Today, participating in a 340B program offers many benefits for contract pharmacies, including increased store traffic, better access to discounted medications and improved healthcare for its patients—all without increasing inventory or overhead.

Simplify Inventory Management

SUNRx’s virtual inventory eliminates the need to maintain a separate 340B stock. 340B medications are easily tracked, ordered and invoiced to help maintain cash flow and reduce paperwork.

Improve Business

Pharmacies can improve their business through dispensing fees and increased store traffic.

Decrease Liability

SUNRx has industry-leading safeguards in place to support 340B compliance and help prevent drug diversion.

Provide Convenient Access

SUNRx works with neighborhood pharmacies, allowing patients to fill prescriptions near where they live, work and receive care. Patients also can have their prescriptions filled using specialty or mail order pharmacies. Our toll-free customer service line is available 24/7 to answer questions from patients, pharmacists and providers about medications, claims and care.

Ensure Convenience and Privacy

SUNRx ensures that a trip to the pharmacy for patients is convenient and discreet. Participating patients hand a prescription drug card to the pharmacist and pick up their medications just like customers using commercial insurance. There are no special forms to fill out or embarrassing additional steps.

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