Virtual Inventory System

SUNRx helps ensure the highest levels of 340B regulatory compliance by offering its flexible and fully configurable Virtual Inventory System. The Virtual Inventory System is an automated system that manages the flow of inventory, information and payments between Covered Entities, pharmacies and wholesalers. It is HIPAA & HITECH compliant.

The Virtual Inventory System:

  • Allows contract pharmacies to dispense their own stock without the need to keep a separate 340B inventory
  • Maintains compliance against “diversion” and “Medicaid duplicate discounts”
  • Automates reporting and auditing requirements
  • Reduces paperwork
  • Helps ensure that Covered Entities and patients pay the lowest price for medications

Virtual Inventory SUNRx Process

The SUNRx 340B Virtual Inventory System automates the wholesale ordering and approval process. This process is fully transparent; the covered entity can review and validate pricing at the claim level directly through our web-based Virtual Inventory System on demand. Covered Entities may grant pharmacies control of the replenishment schedule.

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