What We Provide

As a leading 340B administrator and pioneer in developing the technology and compliance support for 340B, SUNRx provides a complete 340B solution for covered entities- in concert with sliding scale or subsidy programs which include the uninsured 340B prescription discount card program and comprehensive reporting capabilities to support a successful 340B program.

Complete 340B Solution

Our complete 340B solution encompasses all aspects of your 340B program to ensure proper administration and compliance with the latest and works with covered entities to pass along available savings to the uninsured / low income patients.
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Reporting Solutions

Our robust reporting can keep you informed regarding the performance of your 340B program, when use appropriately can help to enhance decision-making and enable proactive management of your 340B program.
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Virtual Inventory Management

HRSA requires covered entities to implement safeguards to prevent 340B drug diversion. Our Web-based virtual inventory system is fully compliant, provides these safeguards by eliminating the need to keep a separate 340B inventory.
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