Who We Help

SUNRx operates nationwide and helps Covered Entities, which consists of hospitals, federally qualified health centers, etc., manage their 340B program with the goal of saving money, expanding access and generating the resources necessary to serve the nation’s uninsured.

SUNRx provides 340B administrative services to hospitals and health centers and their contracted pharmacies. SUNRx helps these covered entities implement a compliant 340B program that:

  • Expands access to discount prescriptions through a network of contract pharmacies
  • Utilizes the entity’s 340B purchasing power to provide discounted prescriptions to low-income and uninsured patients
  • Provides drug purchase savings for administered drugs in hospital mixed-use settings
  • Generates additional resources that can be invested in better and more comprehensive care for the uninsured

SUNRx recognizes that a successful 340B contract pharmacy program requires coordination, cooperation and technology between 340B covered entities and their contracted pharmacies. SUNRx’s System is an automated system that manages the flow of inventory, information and payments between covered entities, pharmacies and wholesalers. We automate reporting and auditing according to the 340B requirements, helping to reduce paperwork and ensure that safety net organizations and patients pay the lowest price for medications.

How We Help Hospitals

The SUNRx 340B program can have a significantly positive impact on hospitals, their patients and their communities — if hospitals correctly administer and manage the program effectively. Our 340B program administration and technology can help hospitals improve patient satisfaction with access to affordable medications for the uninsured, which has an impact to reduce charity care and support their communities.
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How We Help Health Centers

The SUNRx 340B program can have a significantly positive impact on Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC’s), their patients and their communities. Our automated system helps health centers to improve access to affordable medications to low income patients. SUNRx uses its proprietary pricing logic to deliver the lowest cost for prescription medications. In conjunction with the Health Center, the SUNRx program is effective in blocking Medicaid claims and in preventing diversion, which reduces regulatory risk.
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How We Help Pharmacies

Our 340B program administration helps pharmacies partner with their local 340B eligible hospitals and health centers to provide discount medications to their patients, to provide valuable services to the community. This partnership between the health center, the pharmacy and SUNRx helps improve health center savings while simplifying 340B inventory management through our industry-leading technology.
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In Support of Your Patients

Are you giving your patients access to the lowest prices for their medications? The SUNRx 340B prescription discount card program helps 340B entities pass along 340B discounts to their uninsured / low income patients.
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