SUNRx Acquires AuthorityRx
SUNRx acquires AuthorityRx to deliver greater 340B savings through advanced referrals claims capture. Automated solution captures claims and savings that are often missed.

SAN DIEGO, SEPT. 21, 2023 — Today, SUNRx, a leading healthcare technology company and 340B administrator, announced that it has acquired AuthorityRx. The acquisition complements SUNRx’s current 340B offerings with the addition of auditing and enhanced compliance services as well as two cloud-based applications.

The automated Advanced Claims Capture (ACC) product supports clients by improving savings through the capture of outside referral providers, and the manufacturer support application restores and protects savings associated with recent manufacturer-imposed restrictions requiring claims uploads.

“Identifying referral claims and other missed claims due to manufacturer restrictions has in the past been a complex, often manual process, but missing these savings can hinder 340B entities’ ability to fulfill their mission,” said Mary Van Hoozer, General Manager at SUNRx. “The acquisition of AuthorityRx will allow SUNRx to offer an enhanced, proprietary, and compliant way to capture additional claims and provide the associated financial benefits for covered entities.”

As the industry’s leading compliance and auditing service, ACC offers an ease-of-use referral claims capture solution that can significantly increase 340B savings by uncovering and resolving fallout claims. In fact, current users of ACC have, on average, nearly doubled capture rates and revenue. ACC is Third-Party Administrator (TPA)-agnostic and can be seamlessly integrated for any covered entity, regardless of the TPA they use.

ACC’s innovative automation streamlines processes while compliantly extending eligibility to outside providers using an approach that has been validated in multiple HRSA audits. This SOC-2 certified solution also delivers a level of visibility and transparency that other programs cannot.

“For many covered entities, the 340B program is a lifeline that allows them to keep their doors open,” said Aaron Lott, PharmD, founder and president of AuthorityRx. “By combining the technology and expertise of our companies, we will give entities greater resources to serve patients and communities.”


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Lee Harris, Managing Principal, Sales & Strategic Relations, SUNRx


About SUNRx

SUNRx is a healthcare technology company that assists healthcare facilities with 340B administration. Our technology helps covered entities optimize their supply chain and pharmacy operations. We provide comprehensive, auditable technology-enabled solutions, including contract pharmacy, referral capture, specialty pharmacy, advanced claims capture, and the market-leading uninsured 340B prescription discount card, with a hands-on approach to program implementation and support of compliant 340B program management. Based in San Diego, SUNRx has been managing 340B programs since 2006 and provides clients industry-leading expertise and hands-on customer support. SUNRX is a subsidiary of MedImpact the nation's largest independent pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) and health solutions company. Learn more at SUNRx.


About AuthorityRx

AuthorityRx is a technology and pharmacy consulting firm. The company is made up of diverse and licensed healthcare professionals who are uniquely qualified to identify the cause of complex healthcare challenges and provide innovative solutions to resolve those challenges. Based just outside of Kansas City, AuthorityRx has brought millions of new dollars to healthcare organizations and their underserved communities across the country with our intense focus on pharmacy marketplace dynamics to include 340B auditing and compliance services, assisting with licensing retail pharmacies, accrediting specialty pharmacies, and designing custom health plan solutions for healthcare providers.


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