Capture More 340B Savings

Every day, the primary care providers in your clinics may refer their patients to specialists where these patients usually get at least one prescription. Examples of these prescriptions could be Humira®, Enbrel®, Otezla®, Harvoni®, Sovaldi®, and Skyrisi® to name a few. Don’t miss out on compliantly capturing the 340B savings from these prescriptions.

Since the Specialists that patients are referred to may not be part of your staff or clinic, the prescriptions usually are not routinely captured. The SUNRx system has this functionality built in, and in coordination with your policies and procedures enables you to capture prescriptions from these referral visits to potentially generate significantly more 340B savings.

SUNRx account executives will train and work closely with your designated staff to realize these savings, which can be significant.

SUNRx Partners with You in This Process

How many referrals do your providers send annually?

Referral Capture Process


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