Enhance Your Referral Claims Capture

Together with AuthorityRx, our Advanced Claims Capture service can significantly increase 340B savings through enhanced referral claims capture and by uncovering and resolving those fallout claims that can be subsequently confirmed as 340B eligible.

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Focused on Compliance

Advanced Claims Capture is designed with compliance in the forefront. As part of an annual independent audit, we review your program and work to appropriately capture additional savings in compliance with your 340B program.

Reviews and Appropriately Resolves Claims from Fallout Report

Advanced Claims Capture can increase savings by uncovering and resolving fallout claims.

No-cost Implementation

Speed to implementation is quick. No EHR access, no cumbersome, costly, resource intensive integrations needed. We begin processing claims within a week or two — not months, enabling clients to realize savings quickly.

Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Certification

SUNRx and ARx are SOC 2 certified. The SOC 2 (Type 1 and 2) audit is a rigorous process to ensure high data security levels. Patient and switch data entrusted to ARx is housed in a secure environment with high data processing standards.

No-cost Annual 340B Audit

Stay compliant, save time, money, and resources by utilizing our no-cost annual 340B audit.

Experience and Expertise

We keep you up to date with customized program recommendations to your policies and procedures which may eliminate the need for extra operational resources.

Reviews and Resolves
Claims from Fallout Report

Advanced Claims Capture can increase your 340B savings significantly by uncovering and appropriately resolving fallout claims.


What Our Clients are Saying

Abbeville Area Medical Center

Advance Claims Capture has been a game changer for Abbeville Area Medical Center, allowing us to enhance our 340B Savings. This gave us a great opportunity to significantly improve our community’s healthcare, allowing patients to afford and remain on their life-saving medications, and helping us build a stronger and healthier community overall.

Bisbee/Copper Queen

SUNRx has been diligent in working with our pharmacy team onsite to optimize our 340B savings. With the increased savings we can purchase our drugs and help more patients get their medication. SUNRx has taken the complex work out of setting up and management of the 340B Program with their solutions while helping us maintain compliance. SUNRx has also assisted us in starting up our specialty drug program, in which we are seeing a significant increase in cost savings.

Fache / McGehee Hospital

McGehee Hospital is a CAH that struggles financially like many others. Through the 340B Program, our savings increased by 170% in 2022 — and most of the savings was a result of ACC! Together with our split-billing and standard 340B savings, SUNRx’s ACC solution has helped us realize our top savings, and we continue to thrive. SUNRx is our trusted partner in 340B.

Hendry Regional Medical Center

AuthorityRx goes above and beyond and helped us not only recapture lost claims but also captured new revenue through ACC claims — more than 5-fold of their monthly fees. Money well spent! AuthorityRx was also up to the task of being onsite during our first onsite 340B audit, which was no additional cost to us.

St. Luke Community Healthcare

In the increasingly complex world of 340B, it’s difficult to stay on top of every financial and compliance related nuance. One can either attempt to swim through a sea of webinars and endless articles, or enlist the knowledge from a single source. AuthorityRx’s technical expertise consistently manifests itself as they reliably dive into the trenches of ACC, HRSA audit support, ESP submission, or anything else we send their way.

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