Making Medication More Affordable

Making the medications more affordable can help to improve patient compliance and outcomes and can help hospitals to reduce their hospital readmission rates and avoid penalties.


Card Benefits

One of the intents of the 340B program is to pass along savings to the uninsured. This can be done with no additional cost to the healthcare facility.

Optional Subsidy Program

Using the SUNRx system, Covered Entities can build an optional subsidy program for their low-income, cash paying, or uninsured patients.

340B Prescription Card

Uninsured patients and others who may require financial assistance, are issued a prescription card by the Covered Entity’s staff during their visit, through the SUNRx system.

Real-time Adjudication

Patients present their prescription and prescription card to the contract pharmacy, who adjudicates the 340B claim in real-time.

Help Reduce Risks

Help reduce the risks of Medicare readmission penalties and higher Charity Care costs.

How the Card Works


How the SUNRx Prescription Discount Program Works


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