Enhance Your Referral Claims Capture

Teaming up with AuthorityRx, our Advanced Claims Capture service can significantly increase 340B savings through enhanced referral claims capture and by uncovering and resolving those fallout claims that can be subsequently confirmed as 340B eligible.

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Focused on Compliance

Advanced Claims Capture is designed with compliance in the forefront. As part of an annual independent audit, we review your program and work to appropriately capture additional savings in compliance with your 340B program.

Speedy Implementation Time

Start realizing additional savings potential right away with quick implementation and no need for additional software.

No-cost Annual 340B Audit

Stay compliant in your program and save time, money and resources by utilizing our no-cost annual 340B audit.

Experience and Expertise

Keep up to date on processes which may help eliminate the need for extra operational resources. We offer customized program recommendations to your Policies & Procedures.

Reviews and Resolves
Claims from Fallout Report

Advanced Claims Capture can increase your 340B savings significantly by uncovering and appropriately resolving fallout claims.

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