SUNRx provides comprehensive, auditable technology solutions and high-touch customer service with a hands-on approach to program implementation, contract pharmacy setup and ongoing program management. Experience the key differentiators of the SUNRx 340B Solution.

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Commitment to Compliance

Compliance is the core of the SUNRx 340B management program philosophy. We help clients maintain accurate and current 340B database information, help prevent diversion to ineligible patients, help avoid duplicate discounts, and prepare for program audits.

Innovator in Optimizing 340B

We continue to be a market innovator with customizable split billing, purchase order optimization, Advanced Claims Capture, taking referral claims capture to the next level and a fully-supported 340B prescription discount card for the uninsured.


We've been helping Covered Entities manage their 340B programs since 2006 and are recognized by clients and hospital association partners to be one of the most knowledgeable and customer-focused teams in the industry. We help clients optimize compliant 340B programs and can deliver other healthcare services through the strength and product offerings of our parent company, MedImpact Healthcare Systems.


Our 340B program solution can be implemented with most Covered Entities' Electronic Medical Records system, wholesaler, switch or pharmacy to serve their patients. These options provide maximum flexibility and the greatest financial benefits. Our solution is flexible and tailored to each client's specific needs.

A Complete Solution

The SUNRx Solution includes 340B contract pharmacy management technology, referral claims capture, split billing solution, Purchase Order (PO) Optimization, Uninsured 340B Prescription Discount Card, reporting features, and Advanced Claims Capture services to effectively optimize 340B programs.


Our technology integrates lowest-cost solutions, advanced real-time compliance/adherence protocols, and the only true "real-time" 340B prescription discount card. Our Advanced Claims Capture service enhances referral capture by optimizing 340B savings through correction of fallout claims.

A Trusted Partner

SUNRx is a corporate partner of 340B Health, and with wholesalers, GPOs and the exclusive 340B partner of many state hospital and pharmacy associations. Using a hands-on approach, the SUNRx team provides industry-leading program design, implementation, regulatory expertise, education, and unparalleled customer support.

Customer Care

Customer Care

We partner with clients to provide the reporting tools necessary to effectively manage and maximize their 340B programs, provide training to staff and communicate proactively. Each client has a dedicated and experienced Account Executive who provides support, ongoing financial reviews and more to support your 340B program.

Company Background

SUNRx is a healthcare technology company that assists healthcare facilities with 340B administration, including split billing and 340B contract pharmacy network administration. Our technology helps facilities optimize their supply chain and pharmacy operations and we help simplify complex program administration for Covered Entities. Based in San Diego, CA SUNRx has been managing 340B programs since 2006. With SUNRx, you’ll receive industry-leading expertise and hands-on customer support. It’s 340B. Simplified.

Company Background
Our 340B Technology

SUNRx is an innovator in managing 340B programs that expand access to affordable medications, provide financial benefits to the hospital and its uninsured, and in supporting its clients with meeting regulatory compliance. This industry leadership can be seen throughout all of our processes, from our custom implementations to our market-leading real-time claims processing. Our system records, stores and provides audit-ready data reflecting all eligibility criteria that is checked prior to a prescription being classified as 340B eligible.


“Your split billing system provides comprehensive information that we track audit reports we provide, NDCs aren’t stacked, easy navigation & user friendly site with robust data. Your split billing system definitely surpasses that of your competitors.”

Compliance Specialist
SUNRx Client