SUNRx understands that Covered Entities stretch scarce resources to provide crucial services to their patients while meeting their bottom line. But it doesn’t have to be this way. When managed compliantly, the 340B program can help secure the financial future of these safety net organizations that serve the nation’s vulnerable populations and pass along discounts for medications to uninsured patients.

How We Help Hospitals

We support hospitals across the country in optimizing their 340B programs. 

Generate Resources to Serve the Uninsured

We help hospitals maximize 340B purchasing to generate the resources that help them further their missions of better, more cost-effective services for their uninsured and underserved patients. 340B is helpful in improving patient care, compliance and reducing ER readmissions.

Implement Seamless Contract Pharmacy Networks

We implement contract pharmacy networks — including retail, specialty and mail-order pharmacies that are convenient and cost effective for hospitals and their low-income patients.

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Promote 340B Compliance

Some hospitals may unknowingly divert drugs to ineligible patients, or inadvertently use 340B for Medicaid patients, putting their 340B program eligibility at risk. The SUNRx system can assist Covered Entities fulfill their responsibility to manage their 340B program in compliance with federal regulations.

SUNRx Technology

Our automated system manages patient and prescription eligibility, 340B purchasing, formulary, and Medicaid claim blocks, and maintains all transactions in an audit-ready format. With up-to-date data provided by the Covered Entity, and functionality of the SUNRx system and reporting features, Covered Entity administrators are empowered with information about their 340B programs and savings.

Split Billing Solutions

SUNRx delivers affordable split billing solutions for mixed-use areas, with powerful supply chain tools to optimize purchase orders, coordinate with multiple in-house pharmacies and optimize in-house specialty pharmacy, in-fusion suite and oncology setups. 


Prescription Discount Programs for Hospital's Uninsured

Our unique, proprietary 340B prescription discount program leverages 340B and other industry prices to offer the patient the lowest price on prescription drugs. For cash-paying uninsured patients, approved staff can identify and build a subsidy program that incorporates tiered plan design, formulary, prior authorization, and flexibility to implement a range of subsidies based on tiered patient income levels.

Uninsured patients and those who may require assistance can be issued a 340B prescription discount card by the Covered Entity staff during their visit. Patients present their prescription and prescription cash pay card to the contract pharmacy, which adjudicates the 340B claim in real-time.


Positive Impact of the 340B Program

The 340B program can have a significantly positive impact on hospitals, their patients and their communities — when hospitals administer and manage the program effectively. By utilizing SUNRx as their 340B Administrator, safety-net hospitals have the ability to tap into the benefits of the 340B program:

Financial Support

Realize additional savings and Increase financial support that enables hospitals to provide better care.

Patient Outcomes

By generating additional resources through the program, hospitals can improve patient outcomes.

Discounted Medications

Help low-income and uninsured patients gain access to the discounted medications they need.

Capture Purchase Savings

Capture the purchase savings on hospital-administered medications.

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