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Compliance is Key

The SUNRx Split Billing solution virtually separates 340B, non-340B, and GPO purchasing transactions in mixed-use settings to help ensure patient eligibility compliance, thereby allowing hospitals to manage only one physical inventory for all drugs dispensed within the hospital. With compliance in mind, the entire reporting suite is built around HRSA guidelines.


Split Billing Features

Our Split Billing system is a cloud-based tool that allows Covered Entities to create replenishment orders for outpatient and inpatient settings and track purchases within the entire pharmacy supply chain with auditable reports.

340B Contract Pricing

We ensure 340B contract pricing is honored and offer a comprehensive Medicaid validation process.

Unique Reconciliation

Our unique reconciliation process ensures that drugs not received by the hospital are added back to the 340B accumulator, thus recapturing the lost savings.


We build and maintain your CDM-to-NDC crosswalk.

Inventory Management
PO Splitting
Typical Split Billing Systems
Split billing functionality includes, Inventory Management and PO Splitting.
PO Optimization
PO Reconciliation
Charge Master Updates
Ad Hoc Reporting
The SUNRx Split Billing Advantage
SUNRx adds four additional pieces for the most robust 340B Split Billing Solution; PO Optimization, PO Reconciliation, Charge Master Mapping, and Ad-Hoc Reporting.

Virtual Inventory System

The Virtual Inventory System is an automated system that manages the flow of inventory, information and payments between Covered Entities, pharmacies and wholesalers. It is HIPAA & HITECH compliant. 

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Maintains compliance against “diversion” and “Medicaid duplicate discounts”

Inventory Control

Allows contract pharmacies to dispense their own stock without the need to keep a separate 340B inventory.


Automates reporting and auditing requirements and reduces paperwork.

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