Complete your 340B puzzle

Our comprehensive approach includes a single point of contact for all 340B administrative services, a flexible approach to program needs, promotion of 340B compliance through a real-time Covered Entity IT patient eligibility interface, and more. Discover how we help all the pieces of your program come together.


Split Billing

Our split billing solution virtually separates 340B, non-340B, and GPO purchasing transactions in mixed-use settings to help ensure patient eligibility compliance.


Contract Pharmacy

Convenient access to affordable medications. Whether an Entity seeks to supplement its in-house pharmacy or to contract with community pharmacies.


Uninsured 340B Prescription Discount Card

Prescription discount card program provides a conduit for covered entities to pass-along the 340B discounts to their low income and uninsured patients.


Invoice Analysis

Invoice Analysis and Reconciliation System, which is a real-time toolset that identifies, reports, and recovers contracted.



We have unrivaled expertise with specialty contract pharmacy and understand the important drug-specific nuances for specialty expansion within 340B.


Referral Capture

With referral claims capture functionality, capture prescriptions from referral visits to potentially generate significantly more 340B savings.


Advanced Claims Capture

Take referral claims capture to the next level with Advanced Clams Capture, designed to find and recover fallout claims to help you realize additional savings.


Customer Care

We believe quality customer service is the basis for a strong and active partnership. Every client receives ongoing support and expertise through dedicated customer care.